Unit 12 Internet Marketing

24 Aug

This unit was all about internet marketing and its role in modern businesses. We went over some of the principal benefits that the internet offers to customers, these are things like; comparison sites, auction sites, availability and business hours. We also then looked at the benefits the internet brings to businesses, these are things like; low entry costs, customer individulisation and more ways to stay connected and communicate with customers.

All of the pass criteria is in powerpoint format and doesn’t involve much writing. We had to pick a business to write about, I chose Marks and Spencers, make sure you choose a business that is actively involved with internet marketing – it makes things easier.

I achieved a pass for this unit as, like I said before, the lack of motivation was getting to me as I changed my career prospects.

Download Unit 12 Internet Marketing Here.

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One response to “Unit 12 Internet Marketing

  1. Kash

    November 16, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    i no this isnt relivent but your missing Unit 16 Human resourse management


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