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Unit 29 Introduction to Internet and e-Business

This unit was all about the internet and how businesses operate online. I was excited about this unit as it seemed the most relevant and useful thing to know as e-Business is ever growing.

The tasks was a really lengthy one with the assignments consisting of mostly written work and a few screenshots. I was sad to see that there was no practical use of how to make your own e-Business site online, just a load of theory and boring facts about the internet’s past.

The tutor that I had for this unit wasn’t the best, unfortunately she was foreign and it was hard to understand what she meant at times. I have checked back with my college now and I think she has either left or been fired.

The reason for me acheiving only a merit and failing to get the distinction criteria is mainly because of the tutor but partly because I was losing motivation for the course.

Download Unit 29 Introduction to Internet and e-Business Here.

Note: P2 has some extra screenshots that have been seperated into a different folder.


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