Unit 19 Team Development

In this unit I had to look at how teams are essential within business and explain the many theories such as the Bruce Tuckman Model and the Johari Window. Aswell as researching existing theories we did some team development within our class which involved solving various problems within groups; you will see some of my work in the unit evaluate my team and my role as part of a team member.

Alot of the assignments are lengthy written ones, you can easily make this work look like yours.

I achieved a distinction in this unit because i’m such a good team player, obviously…

Download Unit 19 Team Development Here.

Note: The unit has been sectioned into three different assignments.

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Unit 15 Career Development

This unit was all about how I plan to progress in my career. It involved countless amounts of personality tests to find out who I really am and what job would be more suited to me. These tests got tiresome and most of them didn’t give correct answers.

Most of the unit was personalised to me and my career so you’ll have to come up with your own content but i’m sure you will be able to use the structure of the assignments.

I achieved the merit criteria for this unit.

Download Unit 15 Career Development Here.

Note: The unit has been sectioned into three different assignments.


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Unit 29 Introduction to Internet and e-Business

This unit was all about the internet and how businesses operate online. I was excited about this unit as it seemed the most relevant and useful thing to know as e-Business is ever growing.

The tasks was a really lengthy one with the assignments consisting of mostly written work and a few screenshots. I was sad to see that there was no practical use of how to make your own e-Business site online, just a load of theory and boring facts about the internet’s past.

The tutor that I had for this unit wasn’t the best, unfortunately she was foreign and it was hard to understand what she meant at times. I have checked back with my college now and I think she has either left or been fired.

The reason for me acheiving only a merit and failing to get the distinction criteria is mainly because of the tutor but partly because I was losing motivation for the course.

Download Unit 29 Introduction to Internet and e-Business Here.

Note: P2 has some extra screenshots that have been seperated into a different folder.


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Unit 18 Managing a Business Event

In this unit we had to take a look at how business events are run and actually run our own business event within the college.

Our class was split into different groups for the event and we each had to do a presentation of some sort to a hall of about 100 students. For us, we had to do a presentation on “how to do a presentation” – this was comedy gold as everything we read from the slides contradicted what we were actually doing.

This task wasn’t too bad as it was group based so most of the work could be shared, I ended up with the distinction criteria.

Download Unit 18 Managing a Business Event Here.

Note: Some of the tasks such as P2 you will not find in the folder, this is because it wasn’t done on the computer and was assessed by our tutor within class.


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Unit 10 Introduction to Marketing Research

This unit was ridiculously long, I had to investigate different methods of market research and link it to a well known business such as Coca Cola.

Further on into the unit we had to produce primary research on a company of our choice. I went with McDonalds and decided to do some research on their promotional campaign “Easy Win Monopoly”.

It involved a lot of written work, screenshots and manually putting together questionnaires but I stuck with it and got the distinction criteria. I also found out that McDonald’s “Easy Win Monopoly” campaign was worryingly effective and that they will eventually take over the world.

Download Unit 10 Introduction to Marketing Research Here.

Note: P5, M3 and D2 are all in the same folder as they each contribute to the primary research task.



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Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion

This unit was all about how businesses promote their products using the “promotional mix”. I related everything to the well known crisp company Walkers and analysed how they used product promotion in the real world.

As part of this unit we had to develop our own business and use promotional material, our group decided to go for an Italian coffee bar. The task involved a lot of written work, mainly promotional pieces and some more creative tasks like designing the clubcard, posters, website etc.

It was a long unit but was a nice change from plain written assignments, I achieved a distinction.

Download Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion Here.

Note: P3, P4 and D1 have been created in individual folders as they contain seperate pieces of work.


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Unit 5 Introduction to Accounting

This unit was of great interest to me because, at the time, I wanted to take up accountancy when I finished the course. This is probably the only unit that I learnt something from that will be of use to me outside college.

It involves a lot of in-depth written work and equations within excel, thankfully I had a decent teacher and I achieved the distinction criteria.

Download Unit 5 Introduction to Accounting Here.


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